Watch on TV

After subscription , enables you to easily watch News on your TV with perfect video quality. there are many ways to do so.

if you already have a smart tv with builtin web browser then simply go and open your web browser in the TV Apps / Apps menu. ( for latest smart TV’s of Samsung, Sony, LG )

here you go type in the address bar of browser and login with your existing username and password (you have already setup during the signup process). then head over to channels page and select the desired channel to watch.

If you dont have smart tv then you can use amazon firetv / firestick

the tutorial for Firestick is listed here

If you dont have any smart tv but a TV with HDMI support then the most easy option is to

order a mini PC , you can connect this Mini PC with your tv and start watching. this mini pc will work as a Smart TV as well as a full fledge desktop computer system.